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Looking for a unique picnic experience in Mallorca?!

We love a picnic……who doesn’t love a picnic? Are you ready to enjoy your next unique picnic experience in Mallorca?

Picture this, a picnic sourced with local food and wine from Mallorca, next to the sea and in the sun………the perfect combination for an amazing picnic experience, right?!

Picnicdeal offers this fantastic concept. They will even prepare and set up the picnic at an agreed location for you. All you need to do is arrive and everything will be ready for you to enjoy. A good thing to also know is that the picnics focus on plastic free experiences! You can choose between Classic Spanish picnic menus, Vegetarian menus and Sushi Menus. Special requests / dietary requirements can be catered for when possible, just get in touch and let us know.

The concept of Picnicdeal

Picnicdeal want to redefine the concept of picnics with an attractive and sophisticated style, offering a unique experience! Nothing is left to chance! Everything is thought of, down to the chosen spot, decor and so much more! The concept behind Picnicdeal was born out of their love for nature and enjoyment and above all, everything they do is made with love!

Catering for all types of events and occasions such as corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays, vacation experiences and more! You will definitely have a unique picnic experience in Mallorca with Picnicdeal!

Boat rental + Picnic = amazing day!

You can also order a picnic basket to be ready and waiting for you on board one of our yacht charters. Enjoy a stylish picnic whilst exploring the beautiful bays of the island onboard a yacht. Perfect combination! For more information, just get in touch with us!

Book your boat rental and unique picnic experience in Mallorca with us today! Become part of the picnic tribe this summer!

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