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Save the Med Foundation – Projects 2021

Save the Med Foundation

We call Mallorca home and are complete lovers of the island and the Balearics. We like to keep up to date with the foundations on the island that strive to make the islands and oceans a better place for us all.

Our blogs are written to give information to our readers and help to spread the word about these great causes! We want to help readers learn ways in which we can all do our part to help to make our planet and oceans better for everyone!

A brief introduction into Save the Med Foundation

If you have not heard of the foundation, here is a super quick overview!

The Save the Med Foundation was born in 2019. Previously known as the Asociacion Ondine. The change in name occurred due to rapid changes taking place over the last few years on our planet.

The foundation realised that due to the pressing global urgency to actively protect, restore and regenerate nature and wildlife they would need to expand their work and outreach. Save the Med Foundation was the new chosen name to really reflect the purpose of the organisation and what their aim was!

Current projects in 2021

The foundation has numerous amounts of projects and amazing things happening which you can learn about on their direct website. We currently read about their latest projects which sounds great! Here is a brief summary of them!

Plastic- free holidays in the Balearics

The Balearic Islands has a huge mass amount of tourism per year. Naturally this increases the effect on the islands natural environment. It is said that there is a 30% increase in plastic waste alone only in the summer months. This is a whopping amount and we really need to become more aware of our ways in which we can help reduce this number. Everyone should and can enjoy the Islands but at what cost to the natural environment and marine life of the Med.

None of us want to be on a gorgeous beach finding plastic waste between our toes or swimming with it in the sea! Nature is incredible and it is only being ruined by us. So we as humans who introduced plastic into the world must find a solution to stop it so that it does not destroy more than it already has.

There are many foundations that are becoming widely known on the island who are actively aiming to rid the use of single use plastic from the islands altogether. It is not enough anymore to just recycle plastic; we must find a way to prevent it and find an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative.


Save the Med Foundation has a project called Plastic Free Balearics and this team has paired up with Futouris. Futouris is a sustainability initiative for the German Tourism Industry to reduce single use plastic waste in the tourism sector. They have recently published a guide on how to reduce (single-use) plastic in hotel and tourism businesses. I think this is such a fantastic idea. I believe one of the main reasons as consumers we use plastic is because this is what we are offered. This guide gives helpful and productive ways for the companies and businesses to swap to sustainable alternatives instead.

“The Hidden Plastics”

Save the Med Foundation and Es Raco de ses Idees have an exhibition on Wednesday 23rd June starting at 18.00h on the Portixol Promenade in Palma.

The exhibition will highlight and aim to help us detect and replace plastics that are hidden in common items in our daily lives that we might not be aware of! I think this is a great idea! A great way to help us to learn how to recognise these hidden plastics. This is an important step for our health and for the regeneration of our Planet.

Pop down and check it out!

The Changemakers Project 2021

One project Save the Med Foundation are currently working on, is the Changemakers project. This year will be its 4th edition. I think this is such an amazing and interesting concept. The project is aimed at young students. The original project is aimed at students aged between 15-18. And they also have this year a Junior version for age 8 to 14.

The aim is for the students to produce a project that help us to reduce plastic pollution and encourages children to be part of the solution with their own ideas. I think this is a fantastic project!

The winning teams get the chance to join the Save The Med expedition team in their quest to study and protect the Mediterranean and its marine wildlife.

The Changemakers Project winners of 2021 have been announced this week! Keep a look at for the winners and their great ideas!

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