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Makin’ Waves the Eco Way!

Do you want to spend your day on the water Makin’ Waves the Eco Way this summer in Ibiza!

As we become to understand and are more aware of the impact we are having on the plant and its oceans and ecosystems, we become more conscious of our own responsibility to change our ways and reduce our impact where we can!

Here at Makin’ Waves we want to play our part and become part of the solution and do what we can to create this positive change and impact needed to sustain the beautiful planet we live on.

We are excited to announce that we have just added eco-friendly, solar powered boat options to our fleet in Ibiza! We love the concept of an eco-friendly, emission free boating experience and are happy to be able to offer this to our customers!

Eco-friendly catamaran charters

We can currently offer the following options of eco-friendly catamarans or an eco-friendly sailing boat charter in Ibiza.

The 10 metre solar powered catamaran offers hammock style nets and trampolines over the water providing lots of space for guests to sit back and relax. This solar powered catamaran can reach up to speeds of 20 knots and the boat is able to beach! Equipped with silent electric engines and solar panels making it a perfect and true eco experience.

The eco catamaran is perfect for all ages and all occasions! Grab your family and friends and head out on a day you will never forget!

Makin’ Waves the eco way on board a solar powered sailing boat charter

If you want to head out and sleep on board, the eco sailing boat in Ibiza is a perfect choice! This 42ft regatta style monohull has 3 cabins to sleep 6 guests with an additional sleeping area for children. This sailing boat also has a kitchen, salon and bathroom onboard. All powered by solar panels and renewable energy!

Reaching speeds of up to 12 knots! Sit back, relax and watch the world go by as you sail the waters and witness the incredible scenery of Ibiza.

Whether you are looking for a day trip around the North East of the island, a weekend trip to Formentera or a week long sailing charter to explore all around the island of Ibiza. The choice is yours!

Cruise the crystal clear waters of Ibiza and explore the secluded coves and areas the island has to offer! Grab your family and friends and enjoy an unforgettable, unique emission free boating experience in Ibiza! What better way then on board an eco-friendly catamaran charter this summer!

Contact us now to find out what eco-friendly charter boats we can offer you!


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