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Daydreaming of Mallorca

Are you daydreaming of Mallorca?!

At the moment we all find ourselves daydreaming of the days we can travel freely and soak up the sun on an exotic beach somewhere far away from home!

The last year has had a massive impact on the world and although challenging we have to remain positive that there are better and safer days to come. Although we cannot travel freely right now we can daydream of the days when we can! This article is here to help you do that!

For those of you that have visited Mallorca you know exactly what I am talking about! And for those of you who are yet to visit the stunning island, you are in for a treat!

Mallorca has an amazing 262 beaches with a total length of over 50km. Ranging from white sandy beaches, rocky coves and secluded bays all with gorgeous turquoise waters, that sometimes are only accessible either by hiking or by a boat charter! There are hidden beaches where you can enjoy the peace and quiet or more popular beaches that create a buzzing vibe and atmosphere!

This alone is more than enough reasons for anyone to fall completely in love with the island. But if you need a little something more, throw in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains on the island as well and….….…..LOVE!

Daydreaming of Mallorca at the beach!

Many of the beaches and calas on the island have a back drop of these stunning mountains. The views and amazing scenery really are breath taking! (We are not biased! Promise!!!)

Calo des Moro

Tucked inside a stunning little cove, this beach offers white sand, turquoise waters and amazing sunsets! Limited beach space on them busy season days. However, you could also head there on a boat charter and enjoy being anchored here instead!

Calo des Moro is located 6 km from Santanyi in the southeast corner of the island.

We love the beaches of Mallorca and being by the sea but we also love hiking just as much! We spend the summer days by the water and the winter days hiking the stunning mountains of Mallorca.

Mallorca in the mountains!

One of our favourite hikes is : Sant Elm to La Trapa.

Sant Elm is located in the far southwestern tip of the island and is one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca (in our eyes!) This adorable coastal village has such a charming atmosphere. Back in the day it was an ancient fishermen town which now attracts tourists and locals from all over.

Dragonera Island can be seen and visited from Sant Elm and is a breath-taking view which only gets better on the hike to La Trapa (Photo evidence below!)

Torre Cala en Basset

There is the option of two stages to this hike. The first part is the hike from Sant Elm to the watchtower, Torre Cala en Basset. Built and part of a set of defense towers that served to guard the coast and protect the island from pirate invasions! If you take this detour you will need to retrace your footsteps back the same way to continue on the rest of the hike.

Route to La Trapa Monastery

The second part of the hike can be done as a loop from the crossroads to the former La Trapa Monastery, and down through the valley and back to the crossroads. Or you can go back the way you came, the choice is yours! The hike is around 3 and a half hours long round trip.

La Trapa offers elements of traditional architecture, such as the houses of the old monastery and remains of a chapel, a mill and an entire era.

On this hike, the views of Dragonera Island are really something not to be missed! We have completed this hike many times and everytime it never fails to take our breath away and amaze us at just how beautiful it is!

You can see why Mallorca is a must! And we are sure you are now daydreaming of Mallorca! The nature and scenery here really is something incredible! We are sure that you will find beauty and stunning locations on the island no matter where you go!

If you are interested to head out on a boat rental or yacht charter while you are in Mallorca, contact us and we will be happy to help!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article!  We can’t wait until the day we can welcome you back to the island safely with open arms! Until then, take care and stay safe everyone!

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