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Have you joined the Cleanwave Movement?

The Cleanwave Movement!

It all began in 2017, when the founders of Cleanwave ( a non-profit initiative) set out to find an alternative solution to single use plastic water bottles. The initiative grew very quickly, this led to educational programs, a documentary, public water foundations and more. As a result, the Cleanwave Movement was born!

In 2020, the Cleanwave initiative realized they still needed to do more to preserve and restore our nature which has lead them to change the organization to the Cleanwave Foundation. The Foundation will not only focus on solutions for plastic prevention but will aim to involve the community in protecting and regenerating the land and sea in the Mediterranean. The new foundation will include working with MedGardens. MedGardens purpose is to regenerate the Mediterranean underwater forests.

“What we are doing here is not something that we do on our own. It’s not something you can do as one organisation or one person. It’s something we have to do together as a community of people who live here and companies and governments. Inclusivity is really the sense that we are are all part of this together and my hope is that our projects that we do within the Cleanwave Foundation is something that everyone can feel they can be a part of.” – Line Hadsjerg, Founder of the Cleanwave Foundation.

The facts!

Figures show the islands consume a whopping 1.5 million plastic bottles per day! Of this massive amount only 18% gets recycled. The rest get disposed of into landfills, in natural environments and ultimately ends up in the Mediterranean Sea where it breaks down into micro plastics.

The Balearic Islands have over 13 million visitors each year. Therefore leading to an astonishing amount of plastic waste which is threatening the islands nature and sea. Therefore, Cleanwave knew they had to do what they could to help start the change on the islands.

The Cleanwave Vision

“We believe that water is life, and that access to water should be free. We also believe that the seas, the environment and ourselves should be protected against plastic contamination. Our vision is to provide a viable and alternative solution to local residents and visitors to the island, to have access to drinking water, whilst creating a shift in consciousness towards a plastic free society.” –

Water on the Balearic Islands

Locals and tourists who have visited any of the Balearic Islands are aware that tap water is not safe drinking water. This leads to even households having to depend on bottled water for their water intake and consumption.

There are also no systems in place for a sustainable recycling concept for plastic bottles on the islands either. Mallorca ships to the mainland, Ibiza ships to Mallorca and Menorca doesn’t have any system in place at all, which therefore leads to it ending up in landfills.

The Balearic Islands are such a magical place and we all need to become more aware of our plastic usage and the way in which we dispose of our waste. We want to keep the islands as beautiful as possible and for this to happen we all need to play our own part to sustain this goal!

The Cleanwave Bottle

Cleanwave has their own reusable bottles that can be purchased on their website or at one of the refill stations on the island. Made of single walled stainless steel and come in a choice of different sizes. It has been sustainably sourced and produced with minimum environmental impact as possible.

So, what are you waiting for?! Head to their website and order your bottle today to start taking the right steps in the direction to be part of the solution!

“Ride the wave towards a plastic free world!” –

Out of Plastic Documentary

“Out of Plastic” is a documentary film created by Cleanwave founder Line Hadsbjerg. The documentary explores plastic in the Mediterranean. It gives us a glimpse into the amount of plastic presence in our lives and the environment. It is definitely worth a watch!

“We have to insist more and more that everyone recycles. This is not an act of goodwill, it is an obligation because we all carry the responsibility.” – Neus Truvol (Director Emaya Palma Municpal water and waste management)

How you can get involved :

  • Educational programs 
  • Volunteer
  • Become a refill station
  • Donate to the school programs
  • Create your own plastic free event
  • Beach clean ups and activities to raise awareness
  • Purchase a reusable Cleanwave bottle
  • The list goes on!

Join the cleanwave movement today and contribute towards a plastic free world!

We at Makin’ Waves want to be part of the change. It is vital that each of us starts to implement changes in our mindsets and lifestyles when it comes to being more aware of our waste and the need to become more sustainable in our every day lives.

We hope this article will help you to make positive and sustainable changes. We are part of the Cleanwave movement and will ride the wave! Are you with us?!

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